The Yuva Jagriti Association(NGO) estd. on July 2004. It is formed as a Self Help Group (SHG) under SGSY of Narsingpur Development Block in Cachar District, Assam with unemployed educated youth from different poor families of Vill- Pakaipar, P,O- Kabuganj. 12 members are included in this SHG for their economic development and with a view to engage them-selves to earn something with their skill and Endeavour, with a hope to remove their unemployment problem. Yet the unemployment problem is a major thought of Indian economy, especially in Northeast, because the Northeast is not an industrial area that is why the unemployment problem is upgrading like a flow of water. In this crucial situation the members of Yuva Jagriti Association (NGO) try to fight with unemployment problem with the help of economic development and want to reduce it from rural areas. They started Savings money of Rs 50/- per month and regular meeting of group and internal lending and participated in various social activities in the locality. Being passed in 1st gradation test the SHG got an amount of Rs20000/- from bank and subsidy amount o Rs 5000/- from DRDA of cachar district, totals Rs25000/- received.

After that the Y.J Association opened a coaching centre named Yuva Jagriti Coaching Centre. Those poor students are not able to reach private tutor the YJ Coaching Centre provide them coaching with low and minimum fee. They trained them for Quiz competition, Indoor and Outdoor Games etc.

After that they started a ladies tailoring centre in the name of Yuva Jagriti Tailoring Hall. Through this tailoring hall 25 no’s of ladies workers are working for their self sufficiency. Approx 100 no’s of students are trained for Cutting, Tailoring & Embroidery etc.

Being passed the 2nd gradation test the Yuva Jagriti SHG got an amount of Rs 100000/- from bank and subsidy amount of Rs 100000/- from DRDA total 200000/- received and they started business of Grocery Shop And after that Dry Fish. Yet the YJ area is majority Bishnupriya Manipuri and their favorite dish is Dry Fish that is why they choose the product to sell door to door. They buy the product from wholesale and sell it retail as door to door marketing. It is a very successful project of YJ Association; through this project approx 20no’s of unemployed youth are working for their self sufficiency and reduce their economic problem, with this product they make Paper beg for selling, Mushroom Cultivation etc.

 Another project of YJ is Catering and Reception. The YJ follow the some slogan these are.

(a)  Best help is self help

(b)  No work is small working is not a shameful act.

Yuva jagriti Catering and Reception is a very successful project of YJ. They have a team for catering and reception in various occasions like Marriage ceremony and Marriage day, Birthday party, Annaprasan, Condolence ceremony (Sradh) and all kind of functions etc. their catering party is available for contract basis work, they have 10no’s of cooker, 10 no’s of cleaner, 30 no’s of distributor and 10 no’s of  receptionist for well service. They do their job with various attractive uniforms and well and sweet behave in well environment. They have different colors of uniform for different occasions. They can manage minimum 3 no’s of occasion in a day. They do their job entire Barak Valley in different places. Approx 60 no’s of unemployed youth are involved in this catering team for their self sufficiency.

In the year April 2007 the YJ started their Micro finance business. The micro finance is a very vast and successful project of YJ. They have a fund and utilize it and start loan facility for businessman and small business entrepreneurs.

The Micro Finance is a very successful and economic development project in 20th century, according to Indian Microfinance business news, if an organization start microfinance and well operate it than the organization being profitable and also helpful for poor’s”. SKS microfinance, Madura microfinance, Ujjevan microfinance, Bandhan microfinance these are the actual proof of well aimed microfinance organization.

Under this  Micro Finance they have different schemes for clients, viz; Seba Suraksha, Seba Anant, Childrens Savings plan, Voluntary and Compulsory savings, General Insurance, Group loan for SHG, Personal loan, Gold loan, Motor Finance etc. The finance manager of Savings India said that “our children are the future of our country that is why we learned and motivate them for savings their money and opened a savings account for their bright future. All the parents always give pocket money  to their children for expense, on that way the children’s are going to wrong and expensive way, we motivate those children’s and learned them savings,  all parents should know about and should motivate their children’s for savings their pocket money”.