Another project of YJ is Catering and Reception. The YJ follow the some slogan these are.

(a)  Best help is self help

(b)  No work is small working is not a shameful act.

Yuva jagriti Catering and Reception is a very successful project of YJ. We have a team for catering and reception in various occasions like Marriage ceremony and Marriage day, Birthday party, Annaprasan, Condolence ceremony (Sradh) and all kind of functions etc and also making kunja for marriage with video recording. our catering party is available for contract basis work, we have 06 no’s of professional cook, 10 no’s of cleaner, 30 no’s of distributor and 10 no’s of  receptionist for well service. We do our  job with clean service with various attractive uniforms and with a well and sweet behave in well environment. We have 4 sets of different colors of uniform for different occasions. We can manage minimum 3 no’s of occasion in a day. We do our job entire Barak Valley in different places. Approx 60 no’s of unemployed youth are involved in this catering team for their self sufficiency.