About Us

The Yuva Jagriti Association is a registered voluntary organization. It is a non-profit making non-political, non religious and development oriented organization. The thurst area of working has been to work for creating self-employment avenues for the unemployment and income generation by the rural poor for self reliance scientific management of enterprises and income generation activities in the rural areas has been the main hurdle for coming up for a sustainable economic growth in the rural areas. Emphasis of the organization has been to address the problem through dissemination of scientific production, procedures and management and identify the key economic activities prevalent in rural areas to make them more income generation for the rural entrepreneurship.

             The organization has been relentlessly laid its effort to create an impact on the people to participate in building Rural India as envisaged by the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. The organization believes in people’s participation in its various activities and programmes. Since its existence, the organization has been making serious efforts in making the rural masses a self reliant through income generation activities, thus bringing in socio-economic transformation.

             Till date a number of programmes have been implemented by the organization in the remote areas of Assam, more particularly at Pakaipar, in the district of Cachar. The success of the programmes of the organization and the overwhelming support of the people in the grass root level in its activities is satisfactory, and response and appeal of the people in the villages of its operational area in 100% positive.